Saturday, April 2, 2011

save or quit

Should have a talk
We need to
Something lacks between us
Don't u feel it?

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


this word
seems good
sounds great
feels perfect
yet too hard to hold
it's too heavy
n it doesn't belong to us..

Saturday, August 14, 2010

is a must,indeed..


Sunday, June 6, 2010

it's time to be independent =)

yea i know
i need to learn to be independent since long time ago..
as my mom told me,
it's a part of our learning process
n it's important for the future life..
i hope to go oversea
australia maybe (cz near ma XDD)
i love the life there
seems peaceful =D
but,my homesick is damn serious tat kind =='
n i need MONEY to move my dream on..
walao..suddenly so emo,shit 1..
i jz realize i still hv alots things to learn
i should learn how to love myself b4 going to love others..
sometimes,one is really better than two =)
there's nothing happen my dear
no worry
jz emo nia XDD
what's the feeling of shop alone?
i should try it out =)
i need to be alone to clear up my mind
cheers everyone,love ya~

love blooming in house =D

not me,but my housemate XD
her admirer presents her a super duper big bonquet of roses n lilies =D
n the guy purposely comes here from singapore
jz to date her out
n gv her a big supprise =)
i think the flower costs the guy for few hundreds =='
bcz it's really BIG
1st time i saw sooo BIG de flower oh my..
sorry guys,i had take the photo bt i cant upload it yet =='
i dunno where i put my phone transferer n
i dunno hw to set my laptop bluetooth device lolz..
will upload the pic next time =)
wow~it sweet ^^
bt,when i ask her,when she wanna accept him
n she said,wait he present me few more things 1st la
lolz..really panai dao~ XDD
feel so happy when saw those flowers..
but sometimes
自己认为最好的 才是最好的 =)

Friday, May 28, 2010

teardrops T^T

i hate special sem..
broke my holiday,damn!!!
everyone is enjoying at home,make me feel so unbalanced ><
chat vf my mom jz nw
till my tears rolling around my eyes..
after hang up my phone,tears start bili bala coming out =(
gan ee ling can u plz be strong??? ><
stop acting pity,u should appreciate wat u hving nw!!!
about the present i bought yesterday,i tell my mom the half-price XDDD
sorry mom,i will buy u much more better present,no worry =D
bt i had tell her frankly about my pointer for tis sem XD
as wat i expected,she din scold me..
cz she knows..
her daughther knows wat she is doing..
her little gal has grows up..
so,mom..tell dad not to worry too much too..
his daughther wont get bully 1 la XD
if he bully ur daughther,i will tell u de
since..娘家是女儿永远的家,wahahaha~ XDDD
summore the guy din ask ur daugther to marry him la =='
jz stop worry about she marry till so far n will get bullied XD
tis is wat a father do,alwaz worry so much about his own daughther..
妈:那天你爸爸问我她住哪里的,我就跟他讲perak咯。。他讲酱远哦。。等下伊菱给人家欺负怎样办?在这里我们还可以看到他,在酱远给人家欺负我们又帮不到他 =='
我:hahaha XDD 妈,你老公很好笑叻。。阿爸真的想太多了啦。。
妈:就是啦,我听到也是在笑 =)
妈:爸爸讲男子不用紧,不会吃亏吗。。他讲弟弟要有十个女朋友都不用紧 (really za dao ==')
tis is hw a father cares about his daugther =)
my dad..i love him so much too..
though we dunhv so much topic to chat vf each other..
(nt like my mom,i like to chat vf her..for hours,jz like fren)
though he will sometimes 口吃 when talking vf me..
(he is shy,bt it's cute ^^)
though he cant express his love towards us.. (guy.. ==')
though my sis alwaz complain to me tat he likes nagging on them..
but i know..
tis is bcz he loves n cares about us..
he tries hard to protect his children from harms..
jz like every daddy does =)
yea..i love u,my beloved dad.. tears..start bili bala again =='
his face suddenly appear in my mind..
tat day..when i was staring on his face..
there's been really a long time i din looking carefully at him..
he is getting older =(
his hair is turning grey..
more n more wrinkles on his face..
oh my.. T^T
my heart is pain when i saw him..
所以,爸爸妈妈。。你们一定要健健康康啊~ \(^O^)/